Five Best Outdoor Activities to Try in the UAE

When you are in Dubai, you are exposed to a lot of activities. It is not only the luxuries in UAE that makes the tourists go crazy but also the fun outdoor activities. If you are a person who loves adventure and a lot of adrenaline rush, then Dubai is just the place for you. Go to a car rental Dubai, take a fancy rented car and get ready for a day full of activity.

This is not for faint hearts. Jumping from a height of almost 4000 meters, you can enjoy a bird’s eyes view of the Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, desert and the stunning cityscape. You need to book a car from the best rental company and leave for the destination.

Desert Safari
Every individual from around the world longs to have a luxurious desert safari in Dubai. Not only camping in the desert, but one can also opt for certain different activities. Be it camel riding or snowboarding, end your day with a luxurious spread of buffet and return on your jeep rentals in Dubai.

Quad Biking and Dune Bungy
These are certainly the most ideal rides for your desert times. Having wide tyres and a powerful engine, you will love riding on the sand dunes on this bike. It is a thrill experience and you can book a rented for a day or two in order to park it and have the experience.
You might have seen these in the internet-famous viral videos and must have wondered that where we can experience this. Well, the good news is that it is one of the fun outdoor activities in Dubai and you can take part in popular desert activities.

Just like you do snowboarding; sandboarding gives you a similar kind of experience but a lot more thrill. Get a smooth sand slope and get ready for the ride. You can book a rented car for overnight and camp in the desert as well.

Having the world’s longest zipline, you can have a view of Dubai Marina, Jebel Jais and the highest mountain of UAE. It’s absolutely safe and you can see how great of fun it is.

For assuring that you reach the place on time and do not miss out on any fun activities, always hire car rentals from top companies in UAE. Have a great time and spend your trip in a luxurious manner.

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