Who are Better Drivers in Dubai, Men or Women?

The general public and some enterprises like Rent A Car and others are a little uptight about a Myth that’s been bouncing around! According to The Police of Dubai: Women Drivers accountable for accidents in 2019 is just 9.4% of the total. Which leaves the rest to gentlemen.

So obviously the Myth of Ladies being not so careful drivers seems to be busted her.

The Police of Dubai says that there has been a 66.6% decrease in women drivers linked accidents that caused a fatality in the year 2019 as opposed to 2018.

The Director of the Traffic Police in Dubai has told how lady drivers have been responsible for 91 accidents causing three casualties sadly and few more than a hundred injured persons 2019. And 120 accidents are said to have occurred is responsible for nine fatalities and 182 people afflicted with injuries.

On the other hand, Gentlemen have been known to be much hazardous as compared to Gentle Ladies! The reasons for this statistic is the nature of males as being the careless way of behaving, the tendency for Stunt Performance, and last but maybe not least, their Need for Speed!

In short, many people including car rental companies are bearing with these statistics and praying for the safety on the road.

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