Things to know before renting a car in Dubai

Dubai is all about grand buildings, high-end restaurants and luxuries. But when it comes to law and order, Dubai is stricter compared to many other countries. Renting a car from a rental agency is common in Dubai but there are certain key points that you must keep in mind. So, when thinking to rent a car Dubai, you must stay informed about these points.

Stay inside UAE
A road trip in a luxury rented car may sound fun. However, it will lead to immediate strict actions if you leave for Oman or any other place outside the UAE on a rented car.

Inspect the vehicle
Many car rental companies try to fake their way into their customers’ wallet. So, it is recommended for the rented to get the car inspected of the GPS, child safety, tyre pressure etc in order to avoid any mishaps.

Documents are necessary
For booking a car for a day or a month or any other time frame, it is necessary to present certain documents. These are usually a passport, special driving license or international driving license, proof of income and others for a hassle-free process.

Fines or Fees
In case, you break any law or forgot to pay any fees, the amount should be paid by the renter. Be it an economic car or a rented supercar, you need to ensure that you submit the car scratch-less and after clearing all fees.

Follow the age limit
If you are 18-years, you can rent a car in Dubai. But according to UAE’s laws, you need to be at least 21-years in order to drive a car. Breaking the law us a major crime and you definitely do not want to end up in jail in UAE.

Security deposits
It is common for asking a security deposit when hiring a car in Dubai. This is done in order to avoid any confusion if any damage is done to the car. The amount will be automatically deducted from the deposit. And if it comes back in pristine condition, the full amount will be refunded.

If you can afford it, do consider having car insurance for the rented cars. The policies might differ with the companies but it is smart to have added protection in case of any emergency.

Renting cars in the UAE will be a smooth experience once you hire a car from the right company. So, follow the rules and save extra hassles.

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