Top 5 Places to Visit in Dubai

2021 has made Dubai one of the safest and attractive tourist destinations. Having the tallest building and gorgeous lifestyle, tourists are having fun exploring the UAE. This prosperous city welcomes every individual and the best way to explore in and around Dubai is in a rented car. Hexa car rental is one of the leading car rental companies and it will help you in covering the beautiful locations.

Old Dubai
Not a lot of individual knows about this secret gem in Dubai but the Al Fahidi Quarter is the 19th-century hub for rich people back in the days. It flaunts a lot of Arab ceramics as well as furniture that are still pristine. There are even cute little shops and cafes which you can ride on your personal rented luxury car.

Dubai Souks
Dubai has popular souks such as perfume souks, spice souks, gold souks, textile souks etc. The rest souks are situated close to Al Ras Metro station; however, the textile souk is located by the Bur Dubai Abra Station. You can always avail other modes of transportation but by renting a car in Dubai, you can visit the souks and stay for a longer time.

Dubai Aquarium
The colourful aquatic life in the aquarium will please your eyes and satisfy your soul. It is certainly the most visited tourists attractions in Dubai plus it is free to explore. As many as 140 sea creatures are well-preserved in this aquarium. Besides, you can do different activities including shark diving. You can visit the Dubai aquarium just by driving on your economic car rentals and spend quality time.

Burj al-Arab
This is 312 meters tall building that has earned the title of “world’s tallest hotel” that even comes with its own artificial island. Even if is a hotel for A-listers, you can enjoy a royal dinner at the underwater Al-Mahara restaurant. And drive on your rented supercar to flaunt your taste of luxury.

Burj Khalifa
There is no one in this world who will visit Dubai and not enter the Burj Khalifa. This masterpiece is open for tourists to explore and you can go up the observation deck to have a view like never before. See the well-planned city from a height and feel lucky.

Visiting the popular tourist destinations in Dubai without having a proper transport facility can be costly. Hexa car rental is a reliable car rental company that will offer cheap car rental services without compromising on quality.

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