Covid-19 changes how people are sitting in a car in Dubai!

No more than three individuals, who do not belong to the same immediate family, are allowed to sit in the same car in Dubai. This law has changed the way people used to move around in a vehicle before the outbreak of Covid-19. Moving around on Dubai roads was an exciting experience but a few amendments have been made so people can enjoy the same views, but being much safer.

Many car rental companies like Hexa car rental are making sure their customers are safe and apply extra measures keeping a clean and healthy travel experience.

There are clear rules about social distancing while traveling in a car stated by NCEMA that clearly suggests that a maximum number of three people are allowed to travel in a car at the same time with the exception of members of the same family.

Additionally, If there is more than one person in a car, masks must be worn at all times. Violating any of these rules and guidelines of social distancing; either in relation to vehicles or even found without a mask outside; will be fined AED 3000 or even above, which is something everyone would like to avoid.

Furthermore, larger vehicles are advised by the NCMA authorities, that they should make sure to leave a space of two passengers between travellers and ensure that everyone is making use of a mask.

It has become essential for many Rent a Car enterprises like Hexa, to be aware of these rules and at the same time teach their customers about these new regulations, keeping traveling in Dubai safe and enjoyable.

It is good to know that a few of the restrictions; like movement from 11:00 PM to 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, and of children under 12 years old entering malls and restaurants; have been lifted; making it easy to have fun in Dubai!

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