What should be Avoided to be Brought Along when Traveling to Dubai

Keeping a few contacts of few cheap car rental companies is not a bad idea if you are a driver. A beautiful place such as Dubai can be enjoyed much more if you’re prepared for the journey!

Let’s jump right into it!. Here is the list of items that are banned by Customs of Dubai:

Any Kind of Drugs that are narcotics that include All. Heroin, Hashish, Cocaine, Hallucination Pills even Poppy Seeds, and all others are banned.
Items that are being brought from banned countries.
Items made originated from Israel, or even the one that contains trademarks or logos of Israel.
Ivory from elephant tusks and horns of Rhinoceros is obviously not allowed to be Dubai.
Fishing nets that have three layers.
Any kind of Gambling tools or related machinery
Used, reconditioned, and inlaid tires
Original engravings, lithographs, prints, sculpture, and statues in any material
Radiation polluted substances
Inlaid tires, used or reconditioned one too.
The currency that’s duplicated or forged.
Foods that are Cooked. Homemade meals.
Namely any item that is not allowed according to the customs law or any other law of Dubai.
Photographs, printed publications, sculptures, oil paintings, books, cards, pictures, books, magazines, mannequins that are contradictory to teachings of Islam, anything that implies immoral or turmoil values.

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