Hexa Car Rental checklist for the best car rental offer in Dubai

If you think that you have found an amazing car rental offer in Dubai, maybe you are not right. Before you finalize your deal make sure you look for more than just the monthly or daily cost. In this case, asking the most suitable questions can be the best way to get your hands on such an offer.

Hexa can help you find the most important and perfect questions that need to be asked in order to make sure that you have got the best deal available at the best price.

The questions are:
Did you opt for Unlimited or limited mileage at the given price?
Unlimited mileage is the key needed to travel as much as you want to, without any need to worry about anything
In Dubai, Salik prices are around 5 AED. If you regularly pass several tolls one by one it may help you get yourself a decent discount on every toll by the car rental company, once you have reached a suitable amount.
How much does the delivery and collection of car cost?
As soon as you think of this question, the answer you want to hear would be yes. Well YES! they are free, but we do have some conditions such as either the delivery is free, or the pickup. The price may vary because of renting period.
Is there a USB port in your car to charge your devices?
A USB port or dock would be one of those things on your must haves list. If it does not have one, you may directly ask for it from the car rental or buy one from a near buy or on-route store.

Does your vehicle have power windows and automatic locks?
Commonly, it is very unlikely to find a car that do not have power windows or automatic locks. However, if you rented an older version of a car, they may be missing these two or one of them. Make sure your car is equipped with it if you are travelling on highway
And the most important question:
In case of an emergency, who should I contact?
Hexa is not available 24/7 and if someone needs any help during unavailability, they should contact the RTA helpline. Every customer should have RTA helpline number saved in their contact libraries.

For such cases we provide car rental kits with all the information our customer may require.

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