Common Traffic Violations in Dubai

Dubai is a tourist destination that is very dynamic and multicultural and has plenty to offer to both residents and tourists. Various transportation modes are available, including car rentals in Dubai. You dont have to own a car in a city such as Dubai, to explore various landmarks and exotic locations, you can do the same by renting a car. However, it is vital to follow the traffic rules to avoid getting a fine. In this blog, we ve come up with the most popular traffic offenses committed by drivers in Dubai and how you can prevent them, ensuring you have a smooth drive with your car rental.

ump the Signal
Every year, over 1000 driver’s cars are caught in the act of crossing a red signal. It is one of the city’s most serious traffic violations that can result in a prison sentence. Unlike other traffic offenses, the fee for this is much higher. Here, the car will be impounded for 15 days by the Dubai Police and can charge you a penalty of AED 800. Under no circumstance should you jump the red signal, or you might end up paying hefty charges to your car rental service provider.

Not Wearing the Seatbelt
Drivers and front-seat passengers should wear a seatbelt in each country, and Dubai is no exception to this rule. A new policy was introduced, where every passenger has to wear the seatbelt. The Federal Traffic Police has released the law, and the Dubai Police are stringent about following the rule. Always ensure you and your passengers have your seatbelt on upon entering the rented car to avoid penalties of AED 400. Remember, these fines will not be taken care of by your car rental.

Non-Designated Parking
Common Traffic Violations in DubaiSince parking fees in Dubai are relatively low compared to other major cities, it can be challenging to find a suitable parking space, particularly in the old part of town. It further leads to drivers parking randomly in non-designated areas, more often than not. A ubiquitous sight is cars parked in the sandy area, on pavements, and even double-parked. Non-designated parking is considered one of Dubai’s minor offenses for which AED 200 will be charged to the driver. To prevent being penalized by this, it is wise to check with your car rental regarding the various car parking signs that you should look out for when parking your car.

Cross the Hard Shoulder
It is considered a grim crime in Dubai, and several campaigns have been run by the Dubai Police, advising drivers not to cross the hard shoulder. The hard shoulder is reserved for emergency vehicles and emergencies, but most drivers tend to take advantage of it. Such instances usually occur when the road is congested due to traffic, and drivers want a quick escape. It is considered to be a cardinal traffic sin in UAE and results in severe penalties. Avoid driving your rented car on the hard shoulder at all times, to prevent violating the law, and being charged a fine of AED 600.

Sudden Swerving
The act of sudden swerving is a popular sight in Dubai, where drivers suddenly change lanes without alerting other drivers or using their indicator. Apart from deaths and injuries, this traffic crime is one of the significant causes of road accidents. It is advisable to always show your indicator when changing lanes to prevent accidents or the fine of AED 200.

If you are new to the city, the traffic signals, rules, and parking areas may seem confusing and intimidating to new drivers. Read our article to understand the common traffic violations, so you can avoid them and have an enjoyable stay.

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