Rules to Know Before You Rent a Car in Dubai, UAE

Car rentals have become very common in the UAE in recent years. The residents of Dubai generally opt for renting, rather than buying their own cars. It is understandable enough as if you rent a car it allows you to drive a variety of newly introduced and advanced models.

Driving Boundaries.
Before you start driving your car around the city, check the geographical limits in which the car is allowed to be driven. UAE laws are very strict about driving a rented vehicle outside the allowed boundaries. Taking your car outside the UAE and crossing boundaries is strictly prohibited.

However, if you wish to take a rental car across the border of the UAE, few car rentals allow you to drive to nearby countries with their franchises. If you violate these rules and drive outside the geographical boundary, you may get into extreme trouble and get heavily fined too.

Insurance Policy and Eligibility.
Before you rent a car, keep in mind that Insurance Policies will not cover any car damage or it’s a loss. Hence, when finalizing your deal, give it a read and make sure you know what is written in the insurance policy. Moreover, you need to meet the eligibility requirements. To drive a rented car in Dubai, you need to be at least 21 years old and your driving license should be 6 months old minimum (According to Hexa’s policy the minimum age should be 25 years.). However, if you own a driving license of an eligible country or an international driving license, then you can drive in the UAE. Read more in our blog about eligible countries.

Accidents and Damage
If you find any fault, damage, or improper functioning in the car soon after renting it, notify the car rental as immediately. Delaying in such cases can create trouble for you as the car rental company will charge you for it!

In case of an accident, first, you need to report it to the police immediately. Damage to the car will not be the company’s responsibility even if it was not your mistake. The company will charge you despite the fact whose fault it was.

Extra charges and deductions.
When you rent a car and opt for any extra features or facilities in your car rental deal, there are usually extra charges for them. Make sure you proofread your deal to avoid unexpected billing.

In case of a traffic fine, the company will deduct the fined amount from your security deposit or advance. Only fair and lawful charges are deducted from your amount.

Visit our website and search and filter through deals to find yourself the best and most suitable one. Carefully go through our policies to avoid future complications and misunderstandings.

So finally, you are aware of the basic rules needed to be considered before you rent a car, why not book a rental deal now through Hexa car rental!

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